Cut, Copy, Paste, and Drag and Drop

Learn how to use the cut copy paste Word XP functions, as well as the drag and drop Word XP functions, in this free lesson.

Viewing clipboard items:

  • Click Edit on the menu bar.
  • Select Office Clipboard.
  • The clipboard will appear on the right side of the Word window in the task pane.
  • The clipboard will display any of the 24 items you have copied.

Important point Menu commands:

  • Edit action Cut
  • Edit action Copy
  • Edit action Paste

Important pointKeyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+C = Copy
  • Ctrl+X = Cut
  • Ctrl+V = Paste

Become comfortable using keyboard shortcuts to increase your speed in word processing.

If you cut, copy, or paste something you didn't mean to, use the Undo button or choose not to save changes to your document when you close it.