Edit Tables

When working in Word XP editing tables is an important skill you'll need to learn. Read the steps you'll need to take to understand it here.

Inserting and deleting columns and rows

Estimating how many rows and columns you will need in a table is not always easy. Therefore, it is important to know how to insert and delete rows and columns in your existing table.

To add rows to your table:

  • Move the insertion point to the last cell in the table and press the Tab key.

To insert rows in the middle of the table:

  • Place the insertion point anywhere in the table.
  • Choose Table arrow Insert arrow Rows above OR Rows below.

To delete rows:

  • Select the row(s) you want to delete.
  • Choose Table arrow Delete arrow Rows.


  • Right-click and choose Table arrow Delete arrow Rows from the shortcut menu.

To delete a single table cell:

  • Place the insertion point inside the cell you want to delete.
  • Choose Table arrow Delete arrow Cells from the menu bar. The Delete Cells dialog box appears.
  • Click Shift cells left, Shift cells up, Delete entire row, or Delete entire column.

Delete Cells Dialog Box

To insert a column:

  • Position the mouse pointer where you want to column to be located.
  • Choose Table arrow Insert arrow Insert Columns to the Right or Insert Columns to the Left.

Insert Columns Menu