Edit Tables

When working in Word XP editing tables is an important skill you'll need to learn. Read the steps you'll need to take to understand it here.

Resizing tables

You may need to adjust the size of columns, rows, and cells.

To adjust columns, rows, and cell size:

  • Hover the insertion point over any line in your table bordering the area you want to change.
  • The insertion point changes to a double-headed arrow.
  • Drag the border either left or right OR up and down.

Double Headed Arrow

CompleteTo automatically adjust the size, select the entire table and choose Table arrow AutoFit arrow AutoFit to Contents.


Just as Word offers document templates for memos, faxes, reports, and other items, it offers templates for tables.

To use AutoFormat:

  • Create your table.
  • Click anywhere in the table and choose Table and Table AutoFormat. The Table AutoFormat dialog box appears.
  • Scroll through the table styles until you find a table you like. You can preview the table style in the Preview box.
  • Check and uncheck the options in the Apply special Formats to: sections to slightly change parts of your table. Check out your changes using the Preview box.
  • Click the New button to customize your own table style.
  • Click the Modify button to change parts of an existing table style.
  • Click OK.

AutoFormat Dialog Box