Formatting Text

When working in Word XP formatting text doesn't require much. Just follow the steps to take in this free lesson.

Did you know?

Word offers a variety of templates that provide you with a preformatted document. Instead of having to create formats yourself, you can quickly choose among a variety of templates.

To open the Templates dialog box:

  • Click File on the menu bar.
  • Select New from the menu list. The New Document window appears to the right.
  • Select an option under New from template:
    • Letter Wizard: This assists you in writing a standard letter.
    • Contemporary Letter: This offers a letter template, including artwork.
    • General Templates: This features preformatted documents, including faxes, letters, memos, and reports.
    • Templates on my Web Sites: This allows you to search for templates on other web servers.
    • Templates on This allows you to search among hundreds of templates offered through the Microsoft website.