Identifying Parts of the Word Window

Familiarize yourself with the Word XP window and the parts of it in this free lesson.

Change in view

In an effort to provide various ways in which to view your work in progress and remain organized, Word XP offers five views for your document. The five views are normal, print layout, web layout, outline, and full screen.

Normal view is best used for typing, editing, formatting and proofreading. It provides a maximum amount of space without rulers or page numbers cluttering your view.

Web Layout view shows what your text will look like on a webpage.

Print Layout view shows what your document will look like when it is printed. Under Print Layout view, you can see all elements of the page. Print Preview shows you this as well.

Outline view is used to create and edit outlines. Outline view only shows the headings in a document. This view is particularly handy when making notes.

Full Screen view displays ONLY the document you are working on. All other pieces of the Word window are removed except for one button that allows you to close the view screen.