Spell and Grammar Check

Using spell check in Word can prevent errors from appearing. Use the Word XP spell check function to produce error-free Word documents.

Checking spelling as you type

Word puts a red wavy line under possible spelling mistakes.

Misspelling Example

If you click on the suspected misspelling, Word gives you one or more suggested corrections.

Spell Check Options

To use Spell Check as You Type:

  • Place your I-beam over the misspelled word and right-click.
  • A menu list displays the following options: Bold-faced suggested spellings, Ignore, add to Dictionary, AutoCorrect, Language, and Spelling.
    • Select the bold-faced suggestion to replace the incorrectly spelled word in the document.
    • Select Ignore, and Word ignores all future instances of this spelling in this document.
    • Select Add to Dictionary, and Word adds the underlined word to the dictionary so it won't be flagged as an error in any other document you create.
    • Select AutoCorrect to add the correct spelling to your list of words that Word automatically corrects as you type.
    • Select Language to specify a word as part of another language, preventing Word from seeing this word as a mistake.
    • If you select spelling, the Spelling and Grammar dialog box appears.