Use AutoCorrect and Find and Replace

Learn how to use the AutoCorrect Word XP feature, as well as the Find and Replace Word XP feature, in this free lesson.

To modify AutoCorrect:

  • Click Tools.
  • Select AutoCorrect Options from the menu bar. The AutoCorrect Options dialog box appears.
  • Check or deselect any of the following options:
    • Show AutoCorrect Options buttons
    • Correct two initial capitals
    • Capitalize the first letter of the sentence
    • Capitalize the first letter of table cells
    • Capitalize names of days
    • Correct accidental usage of Caps Lock key
    • Replace text as you type
  • Use the Replace: box to type a word you frequently misspell, or type a shorthand word to represent a longer word or phrase, such as
  • Use the With: box to type the correct word.
  • Click Add.

AutoCorrect Dialog Box

If you type a misspelled word into AutoCorrect's With: box, AutoCorrect always misspells that word.

If AutoCorrect changes a word you don't want it to change, you can hover the pointer over the area where the auto-correction was made and a smart tag will appear that allows you to reset the original word. Click the smart tag and a drop-down list with options to reverse the action is displayed.

Smart Tag