WordArt Drawing Objects in Word XP

When using Word XP WordArt can help make your document stand out. Learn how to use the feature in this free lesson.

Need to create a special flyer that catches attention? WordArt drawing objects might be what you are looking for.

Using WordArt in Word XP, you can create text graphics that bend, slant, and appear metallic or wooden and much more. WordArt can even be shadowed, skewed, rotated, and stretched.

Here are just a few examples of what WordArt allows you to do:

WordArt Examples

To insert WordArt:

Even after you have created your exciting WordArt, you still have a chance to continue formatting this new picture by using the WordArt dialog box. It allows you to change the colors, shape, spacing, alignment, and much more.

To open the WordArt dialog box:

Learn more about creating and customizing WordArt by visiting our Word XP tutorial.