Working with Pictures

Working with pictures in Word documents can illustrate important information. Learn all about using this feature in this free lesson.

Sizing handles

You have two options when sizing your graphics. If it is important to maintain proportions, which will prevent the image from looking skewed, then use the corner handles to resize the image. If you do not need to maintain the graphic's proportions, you can use the top, bottom, or side handles.

To change size while maintaining proportions:

  • Click the image you want to resize.
  • Place the cursor over one of the corner handles. The cursor will change into a double-headed arrow.
  • Drag the handles until the image is the size you need.

Pencil Graphics

CompleteTo keep the center of an object in the same place, hold down the CTRL key while dragging the mouse.

To change size while not maintaining proportions:

If any of the middle handles are dragged (top, bottom, right, or left), only the height and width changes, thus changing the proportion—or scale—of the picture.

Skewed Pencil Graphics

CompleteBe careful; using only the sizing handle can make your pictures blurry and distorted.