Organizing Your Desk

Use these desk organization tips to keep productivity up and workflow smooth in this free workplace basics lesson.

Putting it away

Now that you've taken the time to sort through your stuff, you should figure out how to arrange it in a way that will help you perform your duties efficiently.

  • Avoid unnecessary movement by storing often-used items at close range or at eye level.
  • If appropriate, establish separate stations where you work on one specific job duty.
  • Post important reminders at eye level.
  • Limit your desktop to items you use daily.
  • Put books and manuals on a bookshelf. Keep those you use daily within reach.
  • Keep decorative items to a minimum. Check your employer's policy before bringing personal or decorative objects to work.
  • Put items you only use a few times a year in a deep storage area. Make sure they're properly labeled first.