Organizing Your Desk

Use these desk organization tips to keep productivity up and workflow smooth in this free workplace basics lesson.

Organizational tools

There are several office supplies that can help you organize your workspace.


  • Alphabetize your folders so you can locate files quickly.
  • Use hanging files to help keep your file drawer neat.
  • Use colored folders to give visual cues as to the contents of each folder.
  • Use file folder labels so you can recycle folders when necessary.


  • There are many different types of drawer organizers to help you organize the contents of your drawer.
  • Plastic bins, baskets, and boxes (available in a different sizes) can help you organize larger items.
  • Paper trays are useful for managing paper. Consider creating an inbox for items that need to be dealt with and an outbox for items that need to be filed.
  • Coffee cups are useful for holding pens and pencils.


  • Your trashcan is a valuable organizational tool, provided it's used correctly. Throw away unnecessary items daily.
  • If you are unsure whether an item should be thrown away, create a recycling bin. Use a small box to store items you're not sure you should throw away. Clearly label it so it won't end up in the trash. Empty it regularly.