Workplace Safety

Use these workplace safety tips and you'll be on your way toward improving safety in the workplace.

Safety accessories for your desk

There are many desk accessories that can increase comfort and safety at your desk.

  • Keyboard trays can be used to optimize keyboard and input device positioning. The tray should be large enough to accommodate both the keyboard and input device.
  • A wrist pad can be used to support wrists and forearms. It should be soft and rounded, yet firm enough to support the weight of your wrists.
  • A document holder can be used to position documents. Documents should be placed at or just below eye level and should be close enough to the monitor so there is little head motion when you look at the monitor and the document.
  • A footrest can be used to position your feet properly.
  • A backrest can provide support for your lower back.
  • The telephone should be placed within reach. It shouldn't be propped between your ear and shoulder.

To help alleviate strain on your body, stand up, stretch, or walk around at least once an hour.